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Gaystapo, The Queen James Bible, The Androgynous New NIV Bible, and Zondervan (Harper Collins) also Publishing the Satanic Bible

From what I can tell, the Queen James Bible is an attack on Christianity by the liberal and LGBT friendly community to manipulate the Bible to bend to their sins. We have seen the push for people to be more inclusive, but it should not include being inclusive to actions which are causing the degradation of their culture, society and religion. 

I have to tell you right now, I don't count LGBT as a people, nor more than I count a group of racquetball players as a people. They are joined by an activity. This does not make them a race; nor does it make them sacrosanct in terms of 1st Amendment Rights to speak one's truth, or to warn others of behavior or activities which are changing the landscape of a given community, region, territory, or belief structure.

Manipulating the Bible to include gay friendly language is detrimental to the sin of homosexuality, the position that everything is permissible and it confuses the person of faith who is looking for spiritual devotion to Christian God, by allowing ideas that are not in line with God's teaching to be considered God's Word. 

For instance, the Bible is very clear that man was created first. Woman was created as a helper to man. This is a very important distinction which has been changed as women's lib and feminism has tried position themselves as not needing a man, as being above man, and as being more civilized than man. Neo-Feminist women will attempt to demonize man while they position themselves in a masculine role, in an attempt to attain manhood or a made man status, while not giving up the perks they have attained as women to get there. At any point women can shy back and assume the feminine position, or stature - giving them this dual anonymity which helps them to succeed. They are encouraged not only by their fellow women, who create support groups and cheer on women solely because they identify with women and feel an obligation to promote feminism; but also by men who innately feel a responsibility to protect woman and to insure their safety.

The blurring of the gender lines is an avenue which LGBT is using to change the language and the definitions of who gets what, based off of your God given sex. Many of these person's who have gender issues are using their gender issues as a platform to go against the grain, and make their choices valid socially, religiously and politically, by exercising smear campaigns, pressure to silence and to place negative PR campaigns on those who do not follow their message or get out of the way. 


I feel like Christian dating is like a Rumspringa in a Sense

I wrote this to a woman who was looking for a man who followed Christ online, and never got a response. It was a seriousinquiry, because so often I find that people have basically taken what they like about Christianity, and left the rest.

You are beautiful, and super intriguing. That being said, I've said that I think that the only real Christians left seem to be Amish & Mennonite; and although I'm nowhere near living like the Amish, mostly out of fear and a love for tech - I feel like Christian dating is like a Rumspringa in a sense.

It seems like there are huge culture shifts between how the Jews dated in BC and how the Early Christians dated in AD than from how dating works now. How does Christian dating work for you, and how do you come to terms with the vast culture differences and switches in mores between then and now?


His Love

God's love is not blind, just full of ever flowing grace and mercy, sufficient enough to cover our wrongs, grand enough to keep us from his wrath, deep enough to cushion our falls, yet hard enough to make us pay attention.  I'm glad God loves me as He sees fit, and not as I think I deserve His love.  It's amazing how much suffering we feel we deserve. when God has already released us from having to suffer after any of our wrongs.  So many times we fall short as he has already told us we will, we will stick ourselves into the death chamber asking God to punish us because we think it will make us feel better if we "get what we deserve" but the whole point of Mercy is that we don't have to anymore because He got what we deserved when He died on the cross for sins He never committed.  No punishment He gives us could ever match up to the price He paid so we didn't have to.  And His love for us surpasses the times we upset Him with decisions we make in life.  God knows the errors in life you will make before you fix your mind and heart to do them so why then would He punish you for something He knew you would do anyways??  That isn't how He operates.  It's simple you mess up, you get up dust yourself off, sincerely repent for what you have done that you knew was not in his will, then press forward towards the mark for the prize of the high calling which is in Christ Jesus.  He loves you enough to allow your mishaps in life to become your strengths in life not a weakness nor an anchor to withhold you from His blessings, and for that I am thankful.

Casting Cares Upon the Lord!

Todays' Prayer/Devotion

There are days where I want to start over. Every morning I wake up and Thank God for another day, but today I want to do something in return in my addition to praying and asking for forgiveness of any wrong doing. 
I want to cast my cares upon the Lord so I can be free from doing it ever again. Not just for myself but for anybody going through a rough time in reality.

Ask God for forgiveness and He'll see you through and He'll help you. I know He will. 

Cast thy burden upon the Lord , and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.-Psalms 55:22 

—Lord, I ask you to cast out any feelings that I have at this very moment and remove the problems that I have so that it will not be a burden to you or anyone else. I ask these things in the mighty name of Jesus AMEN!


Understanding Idols

There is much said about idols in the Bible. I am sure I do not see clearly the idols that I have set up in my own mind and heart.  In this passage there is a few things which helped clarify their effect.  It would appear that to those whose hearts are full of the love of God--lesser affections pale.  The hope or pleasure that idols bring are deceitful as they are at the best temporary satisfaction and clouds without water.  Idols, like mirages in the dessert bring an allusion of good but take away energy and dash hopes leaving you worse off than you started.  Therefore they can appear as harmless entertainment but in the end bring you into depression and despair.  Wandering is the metaphor which so well describes the path of so many and unfortunately my mind--too often.  I respond by adapting and managing, but oh--how I desire to be more focused!  I wonder now if there is much energy I have placed in pursuing idols that has distracted me and caused me to find myself "wandering and unfocused?"

Hannah's Son: The Beginning of the Story

The story of David begins in an unlikely place, with the prayer of a woman. David's greatness cannot begin, until the fall of Israel's prophet takes place. Samuel's story is almost a stand alone story, with main biblical character's seemingly in the background. What makes Samuel's story unique is in the details. One has to dig deeper into the initial text, to find the beauty of the story itself. Words come off the page, and fill our hears with hidden lessons. 
Samuel's story is unique from the tales of David or Saul, for Samuel has an account of his birth. Biblical accounts of one's birth hint at great importance. Hannah, Samuel's mother, desperately wants to give her husband a child. For reasons unknown, God made Hannah unable to have children. The suffering Hannah goes through for years finally surfaces at the Feast of Tabernacles. This was a time of thankfulness, but no doubt reminded Hannah of the void of which to be thankful in her own life. Seeking God's providence, she goes to the temple to pray. 
While Hannah prays at the temple, she pours her heart out before God. She begs for a child, promising to give the child back to God. When her prayer is finished, Hannah is accused by Eli, the high priest, of being drunk. Upon realizing his mistake, he blesses Hannah, and reassures her of God's providence. Going home, Hannah is suddenly happier, convinced she will have a son. True to promise, Hannah does conceive a son, and names him Samuel. Later, Hannah keeps her promise, and gives Samuel back to God. This leaves him to be raised by Eli, who would later shape Samuel's life in a big way. 
The story is a basic one, which many of us heard growing up. We hear it, and we usually just glance over it. After all, Hannah's story is lost to greater moments, Samuel's anointing of kings, the iconic story of David and Goliath, even the fall of Israel's first king. So many events pass, that we're quick to overlook a woman's prayer. Without her prayer though, her honest devotion to her God, there would essentially be no 1 & 2 Samuel to be written. It seems that a thousand stories begins with a woman's humble prayer, somewhere in the background, there have always been women praying. 
When one looks deeper into the story of Samuel's birth though, some comparisons can be made. For some, Hannah's pain is similar to that of Abraham's wife, Sarah. Both of them desperately longed for a child, only to have God prolong their waiting. Once their waiting period is over, both women are told before hand that they will conceive a son. Later, their devotion to God will be tested, and in a sense both women will "give up" their son. In a way though, their stories are also different. Sarah was promised many children, while Hannah was barely promised one. 
Samuel himself, has been compared to Samson in a couple cases. This comparison is made because of the vows from birth their mother's make. The Nazarite vow in both cases is made for their entire life, while in every other case it was done only for a short while. Both men were shaped from birth for great things, oddly enough, both dealing with the Philistine's. The comparrsions aren't as strongly shaped as that of Sarah and Hannah. It is interesting to connect the two however, and see how God works in similar yet vastly different ways. 
Many people are quick to dismiss the prayer of Hannah, seeing it only as the prayer of a woman. Some would even dismiss the story entirely, seeing it as boring or unimportant. Digging deeper into the story though, we see just how important it truly is. We linger a little longer over the story, and take in the various lessons it has to offer. Hannah could never have realized the greatness her son would be a part of, but she could have had assurance in God's providence. In the end, Hannah's prayer was the beginning of a greater story, one we still tell to this day. 


biblical missions. Does your church have them, a walk through acts 13: 1-4

Missions is not what we in america have made it out to be today in fact what we have are more vacations then missions in american church's today. I've been in one, a church in which "missions" are common place but they are but a week long in nice hotels or inn's and  are there "ministering" is designed around the sites. Where everybody comes back with sad pictures of kids the have prayed with and given shoes to etc.    Is this the missions you wish for, are they the "short term missions" offered by your church,And most importantly is there anything biblical in your view of missions. This is what we are going to take a look at today because my fear is you, your church, your denomination is vacationing in the name of Christ.     Lets take a look if you will at acts 13. to look at the context from which the missionaries come.                    1 Now in the church at Antioch there were prophets and teachers: Barnabas, Simeon called Niger, Lucius of Cyrene, Manaen (who had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch) and Saul. 2 While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” 3 So after they had fasted and prayed, they placed their hands on them and sent them off.         There are many things we can point to and ideas we can infer from this passage that go against many practises of the church today.    FIRST, Paul(Saul) and Barnabas were to be the two missionary's sent out. But look at the list they come from. Prophets and teachers these two were already among those the church took as leaders. So my question to you is. Why are you willing to send men and women over to other countries that you would not have in leadership in your own church? This idea applies in may ways, Does your church do youth missions? Why? are there any qualifications for the trip? How long is it?(get to this later) are you really sending your youth over to another country whether saved or not as long as they have money so that they can see how others live? Really why would you call this a mission,unless the  mission is to have fun.       That's not all we can pull from this simple fact, these were men who were tested by the church. They were already set apart in the church. Known as teachers and speakers,for there Good doctrine there skills. What may I ask do you think of the people your church sends out? Do you even know them? Can they handle giving up everything they hold dear  for the gospel ? let me give you a quick idea.         Check with the rest of the site this is not the is not the exception this is the norm in most countries from the middle east,Africa,Asia there is a likely hood that your missionary is not coming back. or do your mission trips look more like this?  Now I will give that the site does say Jesus on it,but notice that's talking to people who already know. WHERE IS THE GOSPEL?
  SECOND, How are they chosen? Do they just have a desire? Did you advertise  the trip on Sunday and they signed up. Who knows they may have so much fun they will come back one day.     They were worshiping the lord and fasting. these were men in prayer who were seeking the Lords will. We do not know how long they were in prayer about this they did not take the first two guys who raised there hand and were not willing to send out men who could not lead.     There are churches out there that spend three years teaching and training men and even then if they do not meet the standards they are not sent.      
       THIRD, This one I know I will get comments on. THEY WERE MEN!!      This is not a sexist thing women have many roles in the church,Pastoring is not one of them. There should always be a male leader in charge of the mission (A MAN GIFTED OF GOD) called and anointed to do the work.
    Fourth: Praying and fasting. Think about this these men were coming out of a STRONG church. This was a church that the HOLY SPIRIT worked in. This was a biblical,doctrinaly correct church in which the members held the BIBLE up to standard,as well as had a heart for the lost.       FIVE: Paul and Barnabas  The leader of these two men wrote most of the new testament. These two men were preaching the gospel the cross was proclaimed because of them and through them the point I want to make now is the message that these men preached. It was not how to have your best life now they didn't go through telling everyone that GOD loves them.     What message do your "missionary's" preach are they run out of towns because of the gospel or are they welcomed because they bring medicine and a message that god wants them healthy and happy in this life? Does your church tell everyone to simply invite Christ into there hearts that he's outside knocking?       That Invitation is eating the heart out of missions today. ACTS 16:14 we do not open our hearts to GOD he Is the one who changes ours EZE. 36:26.There is only one message that we are to proclaim to the nations and that is CHRIST and him crucified and if anyone else preaches another gospel let him be accursed.        Is the cross lost in your missions?               SIX: The power through which the message goes out. Are your missionary's sent by GOD when they speak do the dry bones live? Or do they just sit there?

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