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biblical missions. Does your church have them, a walk through acts 13: 1-4

Missions is not what we in america have made it out to be today in fact what we have are more vacations then missions in american church's today. I've been in one, a church in which "missions" are common place but they are but a week long in nice hotels or inn's and  are there "ministering" is designed around the sites. Where everybody comes back with sad pictures of kids the have prayed with and given shoes to etc.    Is this the missions you wish for, are they the "short term missions" offered by your church,And most importantly is there anything biblical in your view of missions. This is what we are going to take a look at today because my fear is you, your church, your denomination is vacationing in the name of Christ.     Lets take a look if you will at acts 13. to look at the context from which the missionaries come.                    1 Now in the church at Antioch there were prophets and teachers: Barnabas, Simeon called Niger, Lucius of Cyrene, Manaen (who had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch) and Saul. 2 While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” 3 So after they had fasted and prayed, they placed their hands on them and sent them off.         There are many things we can point to and ideas we can infer from this passage that go against many practises of the church today.    FIRST, Paul(Saul) and Barnabas were to be the two missionary's sent out. But look at the list they come from. Prophets and teachers these two were already among those the church took as leaders. So my question to you is. Why are you willing to send men and women over to other countries that you would not have in leadership in your own church? This idea applies in may ways, Does your church do youth missions? Why? are there any qualifications for the trip? How long is it?(get to this later) are you really sending your youth over to another country whether saved or not as long as they have money so that they can see how others live? Really why would you call this a mission,unless the  mission is to have fun.       That's not all we can pull from this simple fact, these were men who were tested by the church. They were already set apart in the church. Known as teachers and speakers,for there Good doctrine there skills. What may I ask do you think of the people your church sends out? Do you even know them? Can they handle giving up everything they hold dear  for the gospel ? let me give you a quick idea.         Check with the rest of the site this is not the is not the exception this is the norm in most countries from the middle east,Africa,Asia there is a likely hood that your missionary is not coming back. or do your mission trips look more like this?  Now I will give that the site does say Jesus on it,but notice that's talking to people who already know. WHERE IS THE GOSPEL?
  SECOND, How are they chosen? Do they just have a desire? Did you advertise  the trip on Sunday and they signed up. Who knows they may have so much fun they will come back one day.     They were worshiping the lord and fasting. these were men in prayer who were seeking the Lords will. We do not know how long they were in prayer about this they did not take the first two guys who raised there hand and were not willing to send out men who could not lead.     There are churches out there that spend three years teaching and training men and even then if they do not meet the standards they are not sent.      
       THIRD, This one I know I will get comments on. THEY WERE MEN!!      This is not a sexist thing women have many roles in the church,Pastoring is not one of them. There should always be a male leader in charge of the mission (A MAN GIFTED OF GOD) called and anointed to do the work.
    Fourth: Praying and fasting. Think about this these men were coming out of a STRONG church. This was a church that the HOLY SPIRIT worked in. This was a biblical,doctrinaly correct church in which the members held the BIBLE up to standard,as well as had a heart for the lost.       FIVE: Paul and Barnabas  The leader of these two men wrote most of the new testament. These two men were preaching the gospel the cross was proclaimed because of them and through them the point I want to make now is the message that these men preached. It was not how to have your best life now they didn't go through telling everyone that GOD loves them.     What message do your "missionary's" preach are they run out of towns because of the gospel or are they welcomed because they bring medicine and a message that god wants them healthy and happy in this life? Does your church tell everyone to simply invite Christ into there hearts that he's outside knocking?       That Invitation is eating the heart out of missions today. ACTS 16:14 we do not open our hearts to GOD he Is the one who changes ours EZE. 36:26.There is only one message that we are to proclaim to the nations and that is CHRIST and him crucified and if anyone else preaches another gospel let him be accursed.        Is the cross lost in your missions?               SIX: The power through which the message goes out. Are your missionary's sent by GOD when they speak do the dry bones live? Or do they just sit there?

Hello World!

Welcome to Shari's Scriply Blog about Christian Culture in Boise, Idaho & Beyond!

Back in the saddle again

I haven't written on this blog since the first post.  An awful lot has happened since then...
In July 2013, my brother Sean died at the age of 40, as a result of diabetes complications.  It was an awful shock, and to be frank, I had already begun having doubts about my faith.  After Sean died, I basically gave up on faith. I was convinced that atheism was the only sensible worldview.  And I stayed like that for several months.  Meanwhile, I still carried on in my church job (I'm Director of Music at a small Methodist church). I abandoned my faith in God, and just went through the motions.  As far as I know, no one was the wiser.
Then, just a couple days ago, I was going through my Bible collection: the collection had reached over 250 volumes awhile back, and I needed to get rid of some of them.  As I sorted through those Bibles, I began to feel...a longing, a wistfulness, for the faith I had left behind. Within a few hours, I felt inside myself the faintest spark of faith. I realized once more that God had never abandoned me.  I suspect he was waiting for me to rediscover him.
And so here I am, thinking about God and the words of Psalm 139...

What is TRUTH? From Genesis to Revelation

Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology 1996

The Book of Psalms describes truth as a fundamental characteristic of God, a characteristic that the psalmist desires to share. The wicked do not speak truth (Psalms 5:9), whereas the blameless one speaks truth from the heart (15:2). The psalmists often depict truth as a quality separate from God, and which God serves by virtue of his nature. In many instances, truth appears to be personified. The psalmist tells God to “guide me in your truth” (25:5); the psalmist asks God to “send forth your light and your truth” to lead him (43:3); the psalmist asks the Lord to “ride forth victoriously in behalf of truth” (45:4). The psalmist desires to walk in God’s truth (86:11). Indeed, the sum of God’s word is truth. 

Proverbs seldom speaks of truth, but when it does it defines it as a virtue that the person of God should practice. Truth is to proceed from one’s mouth, and wickedness is an abomination to the lips (Proverbs 8:7); the one who speaks the truth gives honest evidence (12:17); truth is described as a commodity that one should purchase, along with wisdom, instruction, and understanding (23:23).

Elwell, Walter A., and Walter A. Elwell. Evangelical dictionary of biblical theology 1996 : n. pag. Print. Baker Reference Library; Logos Library System.

Google Chrome Theme: Word of God Hebrews 4

I was looking for a good Word of God theme for my Google Chrome App Page, and there were none, so here we go.

Honoring the Sabbath

The Sabbath teaches us that man can be obsessed with following rules that overlook the human needs. Jesus showed that the needs of someone out way the rules or traditions. Jesus Meets Human Needs on the Sabbath (Luke 6:1-4)How can we meet human needs in our daily lives? Are there any “rules” that keep us form meeting others’ meeds and showing them justice and mercy?
Jesus Is Lord of the Sabbath (v. 5)The phrase “Jesus is Lord” what does that mean to you?
Jesus Shows Justice and Mercy on the Sabbath (vv. 6-10)The man received healing because it is right to do good and to save life no matter what day it is.
Jesus Shows the True Meaning of the Sabbath (v. 11)Sabbath was not designed to oppress people but to liberate them and set them free.
Think About ItWhat rules do you think we have in place that overlooks the human needs?The Sabbath was a means to attain the end of doing good and showing justice and mercy.
How to be SavedAll have sinned: Read Romans 3:23, then Romans 6:23But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. - Romans 5:8 - NASBthe result of sin is death, the result of accepting jesus is everlasting life - Read Romans 10:9-10
Refer to the following scriptures below.

Jesus Is Presented in the Temple

If you are like me, a Christian you may ask yourself am I giving it my all. In this lesson we see two people Simeon and Anna who showed how devout they were to the coming of Christ well into there senior years.  As Christians our task at hand is can we remain faithful, devout, steadfast till our death which for most of us can be for a very long time.
If you were asked, “So do you believe in God?” What would you say?
Simeon’s Hope (Luke 2:25-32)We see Simeon being faithful for a very long time. He was rewarded for is faithfulness to get a chance to meet the child Jesus.Do you remain faithful to God’s promises? And how has your faith been rewarded?
Simeon’s Prophecy (vv. 33-35)Simeon’s words foretold Jesus crucifixion. What would of happened if Jesus never was crucified? What was the purpose of the Crucifixion?
Anna’s Devotion (vv. 36-38)Anna was over 84 years old when the baby Jesus was presented in the temple. Is it true we are never to old to server God.
On a scale of 1-10 with 1 as “very poor” and 10 as "very devout" rate yourself.10 (very devout)987654321 (very poor)Challenge Question: How can you show your devoutness towards Jesus?

Faith and Works

After a fairly eventful debate with some friends I said I would write a post relating to how faith cannot be an action, i.e. something we do. The passage given against my argument comes from the book of James, using the ESV translation: